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contemplative practices

From the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society,
The Tree illus­trates some of the contem­pla­tive prac­tices currently in use in secular orga­ni­za­tional and acad­emic settings. Below the Tree you will find links to descrip­tions of many of these prac­tices as well as a more in-depth descrip­tion of the Tree and image files for downloading.

A new, lovely, infor­ma­tive site...

On Being

On Being

I’ve been listening to “On Being” since it was called Speaking of Faith. Krista is a great inter­viewer, with a soothing voice, and the podcast offers edited and unedited versions. Anyone who likes The Hildegarden will find some­thing of interest “On Being.” 

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I have just a few criteria for choosing these sites:
1. They must be mostly infor­ma­tive and inspiring as opposed to commercial.
2. They must be worth spending some time looking around them.

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