Hildegard of Bingen Sophia

Hildegard cele­brated Sophia as a cosmic figure in both her writing and her art.
Sophia, in Catholic theology, is the Wisdom of God, and is thus eternal.

Artwork from a medieval codex depicting Hildegard of Bingen's vision of Ecclesia and Sophia.

Meister des Hildegardis-Codex — The Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei.

Celebrate St. Hildegard's Day!

You of the whirling wings,
circling, encom­passing energy from God
One wing sweeps the earth
and the third flies all around us.

Praise to Sophia 
Let all earth praise her.


Above: An orig­inal, hand-painted card by Sue Cash

(Sue is a friend of Donna Corso who sent us that lovely card,
as well as the
Hymn for Divine Wisdom)

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